What We Do

We Meet You Where You Are

• If you have a story to tell but you’re not sure how to start

• If you’re writing a book but you aren’t sure about the best next steps

• If you’ve published a book but your sales aren’t what you had hoped

• If you’re a Christian ministry unsure of how best to publish your content

• If you’re a publisher seeking help

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

• We help aspiring authors become published authors

• We help published authors become more successful published authors

• We help Christian organizations tell their stories

• We help literary agents and publishing houses equip their authors for success

We Can Be Your Team

• We help Christian authors and ministries effectively connect with their widest possible audience by tapping into Somersault’s vast publishing experience, exceptional creativity, and old-fashioned personal care.

• We develop a customized plan that will help you identify which of our services will most benefit you.

Why Somersault?

Our passion is Jesus Christ. We help others know Jesus better by equipping Christian authors and Christian ministries to reach their widest possible audience. We want to live out our foundational Bible verse:

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”  1 Peter 4:10 (NLT)

What People are Saying About Us

Robyn Dykstra

“As a first time author, I wanted an expert editor in fiction who could guide the crafting of my memoir, The Widow Wore Pink, in a compelling and entertaining way. It was important to me that the editor have the heart of a teacher since their role is often to find what isn’t working and gently recommend a solution. David’s suggestions to share and arrange my story and specifically his guidance about what content to include or delete or condense, gave me a book that flowed well and moved along without boring or losing my readers. David Lambert is a creative thinker, a brilliant editor, a kind soul and a pleasure to work with.”

Mary Dodd

“I have recently completed my contract with Somersault Group, and I have got to say that I could not be more pleased with my end product. They took my message and laser-focused it, so that now it is clear, relatable, and highly impactful for my target audience. They made my book shine. Every step was well guided and well thought out. The Somersault Group are true professionals. I will use them for all of my future works.”

Lee Warren

“Dave Lambert of Somersault Group is the perfect editor for me. He knows when to coach, when to cajole, when to push and when to praise. He turned my fledgling story and limited storytelling skills into a polished manuscript without writing it for me, and along the way I became a real writer. I couldn't ask for a better partner in learning how to communicate my ideas and stories to the world. Thanks Dave!”

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