Publishing Services

Publishing Strategy

Know exactly where you’re headed before you take another step; save time, energy and money.

We offer the following publishing strategy services. Let us help you determine which one is best for you.

Publishing 101: Understanding Your Publishing Options (often the best first step for a new author)

What’s the difference between traditional publishing, partnership publishing, and independent publishing and which is best for you? Publishing 101 is a phone meeting (approx. 1 hour) with a member of the Somersault team to explore your publishing options with a written follow-up memo and recommendations for first steps.

Project Viability Assessment

Will my publishing idea work? This assessment includes a phone interview in which we explore key issues with you. We will also review your writing sample, then provide our written analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and the commercial and ministry potential of your project along with suggested changes to increase your project’s potential.

Deep Dive

What is my best course of action? The deep dive is an in-depth, face-to-face, interactive half-day or full-day session with the Somersault team to analyze your project(s), your potential audience(s), the marketplace, and your resources with the goal of helping you determine your best course of action. We follow-up with a written report.

Product Concept Development

What form should my idea take? We collaborate with you to flesh out a comprehensive product concept and the steps needed to bring it to fruition.

Consultation and Coaching

Available on an hourly basis.

Proposal Services

Helpful for every author; essential for those seeking a publisher.

Proposal Evaluation

You submit your proposal to us (we can provide a template for you) and we evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions for how to improve it. We also provide an assessment of your project’s marketability.

Proposal Coaching

This service is for the writer who has a viable concept for a book but has not yet determined its organization, thematic development, target audience assessment, competitive analysis, etc. The process includes editing and revision of the proposal and sample writing.

Proposal Writing and Development

This option is a highly collaborative process in which Somersault creates, using your input, the actual written proposal.


Full slate of editorial services from award-winning editors with 55 years of editorial experience.


Have a great idea but need help deciding how to tell it and developing the skills to tell it well? We can help.

Manuscript Critique

We review partial or complete manuscripts and send an overall assessment (not a detailed edit) of its strengths, weaknesses, and readiness for next steps.

Macro Editing

We study your manuscript to evaluate quality, organization, voice and consistency, and provide guidance for revision (including flagging missed opportunities), as well as guidance in becoming a better writer overall.

Line Editing

Once you’ve finished your revisions, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on the language, making it clear and powerful—and making it sing! 

Copy Editing

We make sure your punctuation is correct and effective, your spelling is correct and your abbreviations, capitalization, and terminology are consistent throughout—in short, checking for any mistakes that slipped through the earlier stages.

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